Sencode Awareness (Core)

Comprehensive Cyber Security Awareness Training
With Sencode Awareness, transform your employees into cybersecurity assets rather than vulnerable targets. A comprehensive and mature security program emphasises the importance of employee education as a vital component of a multi-layered security strategy. Our expert-led "**Sencode Awareness Core**" curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including threat identification, social engineering, safe browsing practices, password management, and the latest trends in cyber security. For management, we delve into actionable insights on developing, implementing, and maintaining security policies, as well as strategies for building a security-conscious culture throughout your organisation in "**Sencode Awareness Plus**". **Sencode Awareness Core** * What is Cyber Security and Why is It Important? * The Impact of Cybercrime on Business * Case Studies * Threat, Vulnerability, and Risk * Physical Security * Social Engineering * Malware and Payloads * Managing Phishing Attacks * Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) * Improving Your Online Security * Password Essentials * Two Factor Authentication (2FA) * Working Remotely